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We understand that you have many choices where to go for your business interruption claims handling. Typically, a carrier turns to a CPA firm or leaves it in the hands of the property adjuster to navigate through the insurance issues, the mathematics and the paper chase.  At Provencher & Company, we will handle your business interruption claims with a combination of insurance professionals, licensed adjusters and CPAs (if warranted), which makes us your best, most comprehensive and cost effective choice for you, our client, and your insureds.

reportingOur assessments are founded in thorough and unbiased analysis of financial information, which we present in objective reports supported by concise schedules and compelling illustrations. We understand that timeliness and effective presentations are critical to our clients’ interests and our continued success.

Combining Forensic Accounting & Loss AdjustmentMost business interruption problems are not accounting issues, they are Adjusting issues. At Provencher & Company, we not only understand the accounting issues involved in a business interruption claim, we understand the coverage and adjusting issues as well. We also understand how the adjustment process can impact the business interruption value of a loss. As such, we have developed an unprecedented and unique approach/solution, a stand-alone Business Interruption Department!

During a catastrophic event, this approach takes the BI portion of the loss out of the hands of a cat adjuster and into the hands of a team of experts whose only focus is Business Interruption.

Please contact us to understand how we have effectively bifurcated this portion of the loss, yet integrate the knowledge and understanding of the claim from the field adjuster.

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