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Cyber Liability Claims

Cyber-attacks occur every 39 seconds on average, affecting one in three Americans every year with an estimated 2 million cyber-attacks in 2018 = $45B in financial losses. That potential for risk increases even further with the growth in at-home workers and remote employees.

Provencher & Company offers our clients a full life-cycle approach to claims management, legal coaching and consultation, and end to end cyber expertise. We’re able to handle any size claim quickly and efficiently to minimize risk and execute on claims almost immediately. You need to respond immediately in an effort to reduce business interruption and financial impact.

Taking action within the first 48 hours after an incident is critical.   Identifying the breach, triage and assess the extent of data breached and containment of data loss for the insured. Our team of experts have deep experience in being on the ground and identifying risk as well as arranging action in conjunction with the insured and (insurer).

A Full Life Cycle Approach

  • Our companies provide a holistic approach that includes the right team, at the right size, at the right time
  • We have people that can handle any phase of cyber incident and help a company recover as quickly, and as legally, as possible

P&C’s seasoned experts and partners understand the time sensitive nature of these unexpected business impacts. A proper first response is crucial to reduce losses and liability!

To reduce the severity of interruption requires timely response, a well-defined action plan, broad communications and seamless execution across a collaborative team skilled in multiple disciplines. It requires GoTeam from Provencher & Company.

  • The insured’s business may be shut down due to the attack/breach
  • Many states have imposed very tight timelines for reporting a breach of personal information collected on their customers
  • Forensic IT Investigation needs to be conducted immediately to establish cause and potential Liability. This is critical to a well-prepared  defense
  • A Breach Coach needs to be assigned immediately to guide and protect the investigation and information gathered