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Jerry Provencher served as an Assistant Vice President, Property Claims for a multi-national insurer. From the carrier’s home office, he was responsible for managing its national General Adjuster, Fire Investigative, and Catastrophe Programs. His experience led to the perception that, in general, the talent pool in the Property claims arena had diminished. He envisioned a company comprised of a highly qualified, elite group of General Adjusters handling large losses across the US. In 1998, opening his first office as a sole practitioner (and in a spare room of his house), Jerry founded his practice on three principles:

1. Honesty and Integrity above all
2. Hard Work Pays
3. Knowledge and Creativity

These Principles remain at the core of Provencher & Company’s values and culture today.

Challenge and Opportunity

From a small beginning, but built on a solid foundation, Provencher & Company was challenged by “the single most catastrophic natural disaster in US History”, according to FEMA. Hurricane Katrina made landfall in southeast Louisiana as a category 3 hurricane on August 29, 2005. In New Orleans, levees were breached by a storm surge of some 20 feet. It was estimated that 80 percent of New Orleans was under water. Hurricane Katrina impacted some 90,000 square miles of land area, roughly equal to the area of the United Kingdom. Some 1,833 lives were lost. Property damage was estimated to be $81 billion in 2005 dollars, while economic loss has been estimated at $125 billion. 142 oil spills totaling 8 million gallons were caused by the catastrophe.

Hurricane Katrina caused the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security to recommend an overhaul of disaster response in the United States. For Provencher & Company, relationships with clients were challenged as never before. But from challenge, opportunity was born.

Provencher & Company successfully brought to resolution more than 6,000 commercial losses, and in excess of 2,500 business interruption claims, primarily in the New Orleans metropolitan area. The firm provided expert witness testimony in many State and Federal court actions arising from the event. Guided by our founder’s core principles, the primary focus of the firm throughout the disaster was the protection of the client’s reputation through effective, honest representation.

Today, Provencher & Company maintains an excellent relationship with those same clients.

A Decade of Sustainable Growth

We also discovered in Louisiana an employee base that fully understood and shared the firm’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Our people had experienced firsthand the impact of a catastrophe. They understood the importance of treating people with compassion, responsibility, and the highest level of service. We value the people who serve as the most important part of our business.

Provencher & Company now proudly houses its National Claim Center in Hammond, Louisiana. All local and regional offices report to this National Claim Center.

In 2006, Jerry invited Dave Kurland to be his partner in the reorganized Provencher & Company, LLC. They had each enjoyed success working in a multi-national carrier setting, and had experienced an enormous challenge in the form of Hurricane Katrina. Both also continue to share a passion for the business, being third and second generations (respectively) to serve. Jerry’s technical expertise, combined with Dave’s business acumen, provide the infrastructure that has positioned the firm as an established leader in the marketplace.

In October, 2013, Provencher & Company announced the acquisition of H.G. Busby & Associates, LLC, a professional firm specializing in forensic accounting and litigation support services. This addition allows us to deliver comprehensive measurement and documentation of economic damages, enhancing the services offered by our Business Interruption Unit. We now offer independent financial review and investigation, as well as a collaborative service for full loss adjustments provided by our Business Interruption Unit.

Today and Tomorrow

As we celebrate a decade of success in service to our clients, Provencher & Company now proudly offers a full array of claim services across the continental United States. As we look forward to our next decade:


We remain committed to our core principles and values.

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