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Drone Technology

We deliver high-quality, cost-effective drone-based images.

Drone technology has become one of the most valuable and beneficial advancements for business productivity and continues to be recognized as the future of many industries, including Insurance Claims Management. With the desire to always be at the forefront of technology Provencher adopted the use of Drone Technology for claims inspections beginning in 2019. Its use has only expanded every year as our clients experience the true benefits and costs savings.

Provencher leverages the most advances technologies within the industry to better enable a more timely and accurate analysis for your property claims inspections. Drone and mobile device advanced technologies are better able to automate the ability to capture images and provide measurements that improve data analytics all to aide your inspection accuracy.

Gathering information, analyzing data, capturing images, to developing inspection reports with estimates in a more-timely manner, with greater accuracy and more trusted information is all part of the benefits the industry needs. Drone technology delivers all in half the time of a traditional inspection and all at a lower cost of operations. Combining Drone Technology with state-of the-art API and mobile technology is the future, today.

At Provencher, we have expert technicians on staff certified in the latest Drone Technology. This assures our clients that all inspections are done at the highest quality results with data and reporting that is uncompromised and follows all industry regulations and FAA responsibilities.

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