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Claim System & Data Security

Claim Management System

In addition to investing in our human assets, we have listened to our customers and understand the value-added component of an integrated claim management system.  Our system is a robust and dynamic solution, encompassing all facets of claims management and most importantly, you the client have full web-access.

All of our claims activity including assignments, reporting, loss photos, claims status, reserves and billing all flow through the claims system. This is a very robust system with multiple levels of security built in with a redundancy feature to create seven data back-ups in case of emergency, stored offsite at a data warehouse.

Our system includes a document and forms library where all our client’s policy forms are kept. If you have your own proprietary policy forms, send them to us, including all state specific versions. We keep an electronic forms library for each client to use as needed.

As our client, you have full web access to your files in the claims system. We can create one user ID for your organization. The IDs can also have varying degrees of viewable information at your discretion.

This system offers many standard information reports which can be run by you at any time or can be set up to appear in your inbox at the frequency of your choice. We can also create a report specific to your company’s information needs.

One of the most popular features of our claims system is that your staff can add notes or documents to a claim file.  No time lost chasing down an adjuster by phone or emails piling up!

XactAnalysis:  With many of our clients moving to XactAnalysis, Provencher & Company has formed a relationship with XactAnalysis, enabling us to receive and assign claims directly through XactAnalysis to our extensive list of adjusters in the field that use the Xactimate estimating program.

If you are not users of XactAnalysis it’s okay, you will still be able to view all of your claims data from our Claim Management System as we have built a bridge between the two!

Data Security

We are committed to protecting your data

Provencher & Company continually strives to protect the confidentiality and data integrity of our clients’ sensitive and personally-identifiable information while it is in our possession and control. During the course of providing services to clients or their authorized representatives, it is often the case that an exchange of information will include confidential and/or proprietary data.

We've invested in your data protection

With the diversity of networks used throughout the world, as well as the progressive ingenuity of system hackers, successfully protecting client data requires continuous review and refinement of security processes. Provencher takes data protection seriously and has invested in tools and processes to protect sensitive data that leaves our computing environment, whether through email or electronic data transmissions. Our encryption tools provide secure communication for all parties involved – customers, vendors, as well as partners outside the organization.