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Appraisal & Umpire

We are also available for use for deposition, trial or expert testimony to support our consulting work.

Provencher & Company understands the importance of the appraisal process in the event Appraisal clause is invoked when the Carrier and Policyholder do not agree on the amount of loss.

The advantage of hiring a professional appraiser who is an expert in construction, mitigation in addition to having an extensive background in claims having effective representation.

Our Appraisals Include:

  • Full consultation with a representative of the property to understand the loss
  • In-depth on-site inspection
  • Review of all construction plans & any related documentation
  • Detailed building descriptions
  • High Resolution photos of each appraised structure
  • Xactimate RCV/ACV Estimate
  • Detailed appraisal report quickly