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Destini Dorsa

Destini Dorsa

Claims Service Coordinator

Destini Dorsa, Claim Service Coordinator, oversees and maintains XactAnalysis and Xactimate for Provencher & Company, LLC and adjusters, as well as oversees systems technical training to all new supervising examiners and  adjusters.

With over 16 years’ experience in customer service related industries, Destini understands and demonstrates the commitment and focus on client satisfaction required to meet the needs of our business partners. As Claims Service Coordinator, Destini’s primary focus is improving system performance and team procedures to enhance turnaround of our reports to clients. With a strong understanding of the life-cycle of a claim and her in-depth knowledge of Provencher’s management systems and procedures, Destini lends assistance in many areas of our company to improve processes in our various claims management systems.

Destini describes herself as a fun-loving and outgoing person who enjoys providing comic relief and witty remarks to lighten any situation. During her downtime, Destini can be found reading a book or practicing her art skills.

Destini began her career with Provencher & Company in 2016 as a Claims Processor. Her close attention to detail, ability to work under pressure, and willingness to learn bring significant value to the Provencher & Company team.